My purpose here is to throw some rock salt on your snowy trail so you won’t slip and fall. You see, you’re getting close to the Sacred Mountain–that skim of snow tells us so.

I’m happy you decided to join me. Having company makes trudging up the mountain so much easier.

If you would sign I would love to know with whom I’m traveling. (Not a prerequisite for pursuing this site.)


Items you will encounter on the following pages:

  • One True thing
  • Let’s Create
  • .Name Your PIrice
  • Laugh at the irony of It
  • Come on Baby Light My Firee
  • Wordlessness
  • Sacret Mountain


The Frogs Song.com site is a chat room in the wilds, such as Hot Dog Guy set up on the Island at the Y in the road. Except here we won’t have to place a canopy over the cart when it rains, so you will stay high and dry as will your hot dog.

Why were his hot dogs the best?

It’s in the book.

What did the lady sifting sand tell me about “Aloha?” That’s in the book too.

Buying the book would benefit my mother–oh, she’s in heaven, but smiling, my kids, they’re here, my dog, cats, chickens–yep they would be fed, but mainly my publishing company.



To continue either use the menu at the top of the page or click here to go to Chapter one.https://wisdomseekersblog.com/module-2/

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