Chapter 3, Name Your Price

While at my “Writer’s retreat,” I drove across the parking lot to Starbucks for a latte’, and surprise, it cost me $5.00.

I favor Dutch Bros. ($4.00) Their coffee is smooth, never bitter, and when a man at The Tony Robbins event told me that the Dutch Bros. company sent 30 people to the event all expenses paid, I knew they had something going on that I wanted to support.

At the Robbins’ Event I commented to my seat companion that the Baristas at Dutch Bros. are always so happy and friendly. “Do you train them to be?” I asked.

“No,” he said. “You can train someone to make coffee, but you can’t train them to be nice.”

A Dutch Bros. patron snapped this picture of the car ahead. The photo went viral and it was later learned that the Dutch Bros servers were comforting a regular customer after hearing that her husband had passed away.

I am doing a latte’ awareness process—not to take away the fun, but to be aware of where I spend money.

I splurged today as I’m away from my own coffee pot.

You know that many sites point to a bank statement where they have made a six-figure income using the techniques they will sell to you?

I’m suggesting that if you clear away the psychological debris you can live a happy, creative joyful life.

Isn’t that what we want with all that money?

Ask for what you want.

Place an order.

The Universal Consciousness Genie:

“You want a red truck?” “Your wish is my command.”

If you say you want a red truck, but your thoughts are I can’t afford a truck. Zing! There goes your truck.

Augh. It’s enough to drive you bonkers.

It isn’t easy, I know. That little gatekeeper is tenacious. But we are persistent. Tap, tap, tap. I want a red truck. Tap Tap. I see a red truck sitting in my driveway. Tap. It has my license plates front and back. The certificate in the glove compartment has my name on it. There is a title in my home file cabinet that specifies the VIN number, make and year of my truck. It is mine. So be it.

Wow, I almost believe there will be a red truck sitting in my driveway when I get home. I don’t mean to insult my wonderful little Toyota T100 that brought me here, and will get me home, snow or not. This is an example.

My little grandson thinks all this is hooey, things don’t come by magic. No, sometimes they come from action and hard work, but the thought came first. Actions came later, and have you noticed that when you have set your sights on something, even a new pair of shoes, you begin noticing them all over the place. The little birds disguised in the tree become visible as you spot one, then another, pretty soon all 100 birds suddenly make themselves visible. Same here.

Maybe it is something like iron fillings jumping into alignment because you held a magnet under the table.

I believe there are forces as yet unexplained but that can be used. I don’t know how to build a car, but I use one.

Remember, don’t ask for “more money.” A penny is more money.

If you have determined that $5,000 a month would supply your needs as did Dominika and Cedric after they pared down their physical belongings and moved out of London to Costa Rica to begin the life they dreamed. They figured $5,000 would do them until they upped their game.

Start someplace. Add to it as time goes on. Name your price.

For my creative efforts I will earn a minimum of $____________ per month starting Month / day / year_______________

So be it.

Thank you, God.

Perhaps I am rushing ahead. Perhaps you haven’t gotten your dream or a goal yet. Maybe you are still wondering what in the heck you want to do.

That’s okay. That’s great, for I see that you are still here and still working toward living the life you have dreamed. You are hanging in there with yourself. And now you can see down the road a bit.

Someone commented that we can’t all be millionaires.

Don’t worry, many people won’t do the work.

Besides, don’t believe in scarcity.

There is enough for everybody.

Listen up oh great powers that be. We want to live as we choose, where we choose, and which whom we choose, and we are willing to take action to get it.

We want to be happy. We want the things that money can buy, and we also want the things money can’t buy—like a connection with the divine, a happy home, freedom to roam, health, clean air to breathe, and wilderness to wander in. There are many more, of course, like the end of bigotry, animals saved, but I can’t go into all of that right now. It’s too immense. First, to copy Jonathan Mead’s term, let’s get “Paid to exist.”

“In the beginning was the word.” When was that written? Some 5,000 years ago? Some wise soul knew it then.

Ralph Waldo Emerson declared that every action begins as a thought.

To build a chair, first you have the thought, then the design, you get to gather the materials, and finally, you do the action. You build a chair, but first, you thought about it.

Thomas Edison said that thoughts come from space. I don’t know where his space was, but through the ages, men and women felt that a muse directed them. They spoke of a “touch of genius” that wasn’t of their doing. Jesus said, “It isn’t I who do the work, but the Father who dwells within.”

Hard work alone does not bring triumphant success. The world is filled with people who work hard, and have little to show for it. The successful people in history had an extra component, they had creative thinking and a belief in their ability to execute their ideas. Their hands were helpers for their mind.

It boils down to “As a man thinketh,” doesn’t it?

And the blue Genie is so non-judgmental that he doesn’t notice if you are a good person, or a bad one. He only says, “Your wish is my command.”

Be good.

That’s an order.

We believe in integrity, and goodness, and honesty. Those traits build a solid foundation. Without that foundation, all the stuff and money in the world won’t build a stalwart soul.

Few people articulate exactly what they want. They have a general idea, but no specifics. But we know better.

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