Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

If you are lost in the forest with no one around, having money in your backpack won’t help much, well, come to think of it, not at all.

If you had a compass that would help. A space blanket—good idea. An extra jacket, some food, water, a cell phone, a map. A Survival Manuel would be good, a knife, a knowledge that most creeks run into rivers and rivers normally take you to people. If you find no creek, it would be advantageous to know how to collect the morning dew, what plants are safe to eat, how to make a snare, matches, how to start a fire without them.

Now we’re cooking.

The more knowledge you have in your backpack, the better your chances of survival.

What’s in your psychological backpack?

First, before we get carried away with packing, let’s clean out our backpack. You know that molding cheese from the last trip.

Toss it.

Those rocks from past injuries?



Bury it.

Place in to your backpack only that which serves you.

Some “experts” say that one’s psychology is 80% of the battle in living the life we choose. If that’s true, then we better get busy clearing the path to our greatness.

First, do some cleaning, then begin to pack your backpack with Self-confidence, enthusiasm, a belief in your own ability to do, be or have your heart’s desire.  A knowledge that envying other successful people doesn’t help, but that mirroring them does—those are the sort of attributes I’m talking about.

Contrary to popular conditioning, we weren’t put on this planet to suffer, and yes, we are complex individuals who have received many hits along the way. On top of that, we have our genetics, our social conditioning, our family heritage, and three million years of evolution built into us.

Rick Hanson, a neuroscientist, states that neurons that fire together wire together.

For  years we’ve probably been hearing that we’ll never make it, we can’t do it right, we’re not good enough, smart enough, good-looking enough or know the right people.

Throw that out of your backpack.

I’m not offering instant healing, or the secret to all good things, I’m saying that we have been focusing on the wrong things. And if our neurons have been firing those not-good-enough statements, then we need some new wiring.

It is necessary to focus, dwell, and allow time for positive neurons to wire. You know how often we let the compliments slide off, but hear one negative comment and that’s the one that sticks.

It isn’t our fault, we have negative bias built into us. It has helped us to survive, for we have been on the look-out for danger. The trouble is having all that fear and looking for what can harm us is over-played, and we need to dampen it a bit.

Our work, should we choose to accept, is to clear out our backpack and to fill it with supportive gear for our journey ahead.

It is necessary to focus, dwell, and allow time for the positive neurons to wire. You know how often we let the compliments slide off, but hear one negative comment and that’s the one that sticks?

Our work, should we choose to accept, is to clear out our backpack and to fill it with supportive gear for our journey ahead.

It isn’t simple, I know, but here we are with a big thinking brain, making us so unique and outrageous that we just might believe that we aren’t sniveling little homo sapiens crawling on the earth, but outrageous, enthusiastic, supreme beings, that can make changes, and can be, do, or have our heart’s desire.  

  • Do you want to be happy?
  • Do you want to be rich?
  • Do you want a working relationship?
  • Do you want to be successful in your chosen field?

Imagine doing the thing you love so much you would do it for free, yet get paid for it.

I’m not saying success will come easy. I’m saying one can approach all those desires with a light heart and a sweet spirit which is what you thought you would have when you reached that pinnacle you call success.

Be that now, and the exulted being that emerges will be unstoppable.

I am so excited to share with you and to find unique individuals who share my vision.

As I was taking Cedric and Dominika’s ©Trail Blazing Course, the idea of writing my own course dropped like a piano falling from a second story window. I heard the TWANG and began feverishly writing, filling my backpack with How to do, be and have my heart’s desire.

I know, most of us want courses on #How-to Blog, #How to write, #How to conduct seminars, #How to get ten thousand followers, or #How to build that gizmo you’ve dreamed of for so long.

Well darn. I want that too.

So why aren’t I presenting that?

Because there are hundreds of courses, blogs, Podcasts, and
YouTubes out there that will tell you better than I can.

We are the Wisdom Seekers, and we are about to set off on a journey toward being the person we want, doing the work we want, and with whom we want.

Remember the movie You Can’t Take It with You? It’s an old Jimmy Stewart movie where a little man, a Tax accountant, showed the Grandfather what he really wanted to do and it wasn’t to punch numbers into a machine. He reached under his desk and pulled out a mechanical bunny. He wanted to make toys.

How many of us have a dream buried under our desk?

After completing the six modules that comprise the Wisdom Seekers course, after we have cleaned our backpack, and filled it with fresh supplies for the journey.  I looked ahead and saw Sacred Mountain.

I saw how little deer approached the mountain fearlessly. The monster guarding the mountain saw that no matter what he threw at little deer, she kept on. He could see that Sacred Mountain belonged to her.

And so must we too, approach Sacred Mountain fearlessly.  Sacred mountain is that place in consciousness where the seeker takes back their God-given power and creates a better world.

John F Kennedy’s eyes were on Sacred Mountain when he said, ‘Our problems are made by man, and therefore they can be solved by man.”

The Sacred Mountain module is a bonus.

Sacred Mountains are life-giving, their snowpack melts into rivulets that water the alpine meadows that feed the wildlife, and bring on the flowers. The rivulets form streams that make rivers. And the grinding of glaciers pours minerals into the water. Mountain offers itself freely, and in consciousness for us, she offers healing and self-awareness, and KNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE IT WITHIN TO HAVE YOUR HEART’S DESIRE.

That is the gift of the mountain.

You will find many courses on How to be successful. How to write blogs, or journals or books, or how to become an entrepreneur. Mostly they promise riches. The riches in this course are those you will find within your own soul.

This course will ignite a spark in you of who you really know yourself to be. You know, that excited little body that dropped its delicate little butt onto planet earth.

I know you have it in you to fan that spark to white-heat intensity.

I will be here to prod you along on your journey. Not to do it for you, for I know you are strong enough to do it for yourself.

You and I have an opportunity to make a difference in our own lives and those around us. it will spread.

Complete the course then go to Sacred Mountain where you will find your gift.

To take a trial run of the Wisdom Seeker Course, you can read the first module, for your eyes only.

Please go to The Wisdom Seekers Module 1

I appreciate you,


“It’s in every one of us to be wise. Find your heart open up both your eyes.” –David Pomeranz